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Well, you finally made it to SOFTE (SOFTware Engineering), the home page of Tom Gilchrist, CSQA, CSQE.. Here you'll find methods, tools, and techniques for improvement, especially organizational improvement, or what I call Organizational Professionalism. While the focus is on software, many of the items found here are not software specific. Since I live and work in the Seattle area, I have a special interest in things that go on here in this area. My goal is to have as much original information in SOFTE as possible. Feel free to send your comments, suggestions, and information...expect all to be read and some to be ignored!

Tom's Papers, Presentations, and Recommendations

This section contains information written by myself on the topics of organizational professionalism, improvement, and general software engineering. I have also included a list of books and tools I have found valuable:

Areas and Information of Local Interest

While I don't assume to be a spokesman for these groups and organizations, I have found them of value and interest in my work. The information has been contributed by the organizations listed or point to their home pages:



Software Engineering Resources and Information

This is information about software engineering. It is not meant to be complete, but these are areas I have found to be of value in my work.:

Places to go, people to see, stuff to buy...

Great places to go for inspiration and meditation when things get crazy in the tar pit:


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